Music and Academics

Top 6 Reasons for Music Education

1.     Skill tests on 5,154 fifth graders in 75 schools showed that kids who were learning a musical instrument received higher marks than their classmates IN EVERY SINGLE TEST AREA. The longer they had been playing, the higher they scored. (New Mexico Dept. of Education Study)

2.     On SAT tests, music students score 60 points higher than other students –40 points higher on Verbal and 20 points higher on Math. (College Board)

3.     Students who study music are 52% more likely to go on to college and other higher education. (American Music Conference Report)

4.     Music students have the highest rate of admittance to medical schools (Rockefeller Foundation)

5.     90% of 1,000 CEOs and U.S. Congressmen surveyed attributed their study of music as children to their development of character and leadership skills. (USA Today)

6.     In a U.S. government report on teaching for the future workplace, schools were urged to teach the skills used in music. (US department of Labor Study)

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