Focused, Respectful, and Solution-oriented

The members of BFoM, and the MVMS parents we are working with, view *all* district educators and administrators as our allies in ensuring Beaverton students receive a complete education.

It has come to our attention that there is a story circulating about comments supposedly made by “BFoM” to people in Hillsboro related to the cuts and reassignments in the music program at MVMS. While we don’t know the details, we want to make clear that the type of behavior described is completely *not*, nor ever has been, representative or characteristic of BFoM’s positions or methods.

Further, the problems at MVMS are not appropriately construed as a personal issue. Providing quality music instruction at the middle school level is an issue of fundamental equity for all students in all Beaverton schools. We look forward to collaborating with MVMS parents and the administration to resolve the problems with music education at MVMS in the positive and efficient manner that has always characterized BFoM’s advocacy for the entire district.

We therefore encourage music supporters to sign the attached petition, which is solution-oriented and respectful. Acting together and remaining focused on our goal—every day band and choir at every middle school; a band teacher teaching band; a choir teacher teaching choir—we can ensure that every student in Beaverton receives the complete education they deserve.

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