Example Letter to School Board 6: Return on Investment

Dear School Board,


My name is ___________ and I am/was a ___________ at ____________ school.  As you prepare for the coming school year, I would like to remind you that studies show a tremendous return on investment when a music program is fully articulated K-12.  Students having consistent access and participation at an adequate level is what leads to the value of having music in our schools.  Elementary programs provide the foundation to prepare students to access middle and high school programs.  Additionally, the benefits of imagination, communication, confidence learned in elementary music follow a child even if (s)he does not continue into a middle or high school music program.  We must support full-funding for music programs at all levels K-12.  The national recommended minimum for music instruction seat time is 90 minutes per week for elementary and 3 hours per week for middle school and high school band and choir.  An added benefit for an adequately funded music program is that it provides ample plan time for homeroom teachers to collaborate as they meet students’ needs.





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