Music Teacher Placements Petition

From to Sue Robertson on Aug 11, 2012, at 3:59 PM:


Dear Sue Robertson,


It has come to our attention that there may be music jobs left over after the initial round of placements and refusals.  We heard that the district plans to offer these jobs/partial jobs to music teachers who have been laid off first, and then start offering the jobs to subs and/or new hires.  Is this true?


We feel strongly that if there are music jobs left over that are refused by laid-off music teachers, the district should attempt to fill those jobs by transferring music teachers from other areas within the district before offering the music jobs to subs and/or new hires.  There are at least 10 music teachers who were assigned to homerooms or ESL classrooms who should be employed in the music area wherever positions exist.  In addition, any full-time or part-time music teachers whose hours were cut should be offered additional hours to fill their schedule wherever those hours exist, and all part-time teachers should at least be given equal FTE with what they taught last year.


Thank you for your consideration,


Beaverton Music Teachers, Parents, Students and Concerned Citizens

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