Testimony of Beaverton Friends of Music member Fred Sautter at October 29th School Board Business Meeting

Fred Sautter is a parent from Raleigh Park district and in touch with Tim Morrison.  During his testimony, Fred played a recording of the title piece from the original sound track of the film “Born on the 4th of July,” on which the trumpet solo was performed by Tim Morrison, a 1974 Graduate of BHS.  Tim is in our lives daily.  He performs trumpet for the theme music on “Nightly News with Brian Williams” and in most films with orchestra since 1997.

Tim is both anxious for music in the Beaverton Schools and will enjoy helping where he can.  Tim’s statement: “One of the bigger picture things I loved about my experience at BHS was the fact that 4 of the 6 classes I took as a junior and senior were music classes. Great preparation for the NEC years and the many years as a professional musician that followed!  Between the concert band, stage band, concert choir, music theory and all of the musicals that were put on by an exceptional drama department, my experience at BHS was a rich and diverse one musically for me. It saddens me to hear that programs like those, which were so influential for me personally, have ended up on the chopping block as a result of budget cuts.”

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