Testimony by Nika Nagy at School Board Business Meeting 11-13-12

District Goal (2010-2015): All students will show continuous progress toward their personal learning goals, developed in collaboration with teachers and parents, and will be prepared for post-secondary education and career success.  

My name’s Nika Nagy, and I attened the Arts and Communication Magnet Academy. I’m in eighth grade. My father, Janos Nagy, is a music teacher so,naturally, music has been a large, large part of how I was raised, how I connect with my familiy, and how I  express myself.  It’s in all honesty, part of who I am.

Of course, we know that the specials department has taken a large blow. In my choir class at ACMA, there are over 100 kids in just one classroom with inadequate space. My english class  has over 50 kids, all packed into one room. My english teacher actually had to split the class – teaching half of the students the lesson, then reteaching it to the other half of the class, just to try and anwser any questions the sudents need to know. Math, a subject that I have always struggled with, is even harder this year in a class size so vast  that my instructor simply does not have time to work with each student individually. My mom had to hire a tutor, who was actually my teacher from last year but who got laid off.  I’m seeing my former teachers, people I know and look up to, who have made a huge impact in my education, being laid off and being transferred. It really saddens me that other students will not have the same positive experience with those teachers as I have. My favourite class is library but now I can no longer discuss my favourite books with a librarian anymore.

I, as a student, am MORE THAN WILLING to put forth the effort to not only go to collage, but to reach my dream of becoming a teacher myself one day. I will give you my all but you must believe in me. You must invest in me. You must invest in all of us, otherwise many of us won’t go anywhere.

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