Sign BFoM’s Petition to Reverse Music Cuts

Beaverton Friends of Music has created a public petition to ask BSD Superintendent Grotting, School Board Members, and District Administrators to do the following: Immediately reinstate the cut music positions at Cedar Park, Five Oaks & Whitford, and offer choir curriculum at all middle schools by September 2019. Guarantee daily band and choir curriculum and more

Una forma imprimible de la petición

Una forma imprimible de la petición está vinculada a continuación con instrucciones sobre dónde entregarla. Los estudiantes pueden ayudar a reunir firmas mediante el escrutinio de sus vecinos o negocios locales. http://www.musiceducationmatters.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/BFoM-Petition-2019-SPANISH.pdf Printable paper & pencil petition in Spanish.